Laser Interferometer

レーザー干渉計 Laser Interferometer
ZYGO/ VeriFire-XPZ
光学部品などの平面または球面の面精度の測定を、干渉作用を利用して、高速、高精度に行います。光学平面基板、レンズ、プリズムなどのガラスやプラスチック光学部品、コンピュータディスクやベアリングのような精密金属部品等が測定できます。幅10cmの測定物を高低差0.5ナノメータの精度で測定できます。This equipment uses interference to measure the profile irregularity of the planar or spherical surfaces of optical components and so on, at high speed with high precision. It can measure optical planar substrates, lenses, prisms and other glass and plastic optical components, as well as precision metal components such as computer disks and bearings and the like. It is capable of measuring height differences with accuracy of 0.5 nm in objects with a width of 10 cm.