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フォトニクスイノベーションは、想像力が鍵/ imagination is a key for a photonics innovation

posted Jan 14, 2013, 5:05 PM by   [ updated Jan 14, 2013, 9:40 PM by 内山友江 ]
Probably, there was no person who imagined the present time from Edison's electric bulb or plant foundation. It will surely be far beyond imagination what kind of society appears from the present photonics (technology of making full use of a photon) by the end of this century.

Then, in order to revive a photonics innovation, I will swell an imagination.

Energy will be produced without depending on fossil fuel or atomic power. The power line and electric wire will be lost.

Food will be stably supplied without being influenced by the weather at reasonable prices.

Diagnosis will be well developed and medical treatment (operation) will be no invading and with non-pain. No illness will be non-curable.
Robots like human will support society.

A car will be a light weight like a bicycle.

Transportation network will carry persons and goods safely certainly by the guide which made full use of light.
Computers will be ultra-light, low consumption, a high speed, and a high storage capacity (sorry non-futuristic expressions).

All the information will be in a network and be connected always anywhere.
Let’s look at somewhat familiar situation;

The technology in connection with vision will be also reformed, e. g., natural and high color rendering lighting and a display which one can read and write like paper.
These are innovations which will be bought by using light (photon) instead of electron.

the differences among those characteristics;

Electron bears electricity and metal wire is required to carry electron flow.

Light carries information with continuous color and light is transmitted in space.

Light is transmitted with the fastest speed in this world.

(The communication network is already replaced with the optical fiber from the metal electric wire.)
If characteristics of nano structures and materials are used well, one can see, move, and wire the world of a nano with light without restrained by the wavelength. Intensity of light can be reinforced tens of thousands of times at a pinpoint in the scale of the nanometer.

 By using these, realized will be the equipment, etc.; the microscope for which the gene information of each molecule of a gene is seen with a color, the mantle which will become transparent if clothed, the micro operation ship (although crews do not get on, it will be manipulated from outside) which flows through the blood vessel as in the “Fantastic Voyage”, and the lump-sugar size memory which memorizes the information of the National Diet Library, etc.

 To realize these innovations, not only things in connection with light/photon directly like laser and lens, but also various kinds of materials, devices, equipment, systems and production and design technologies, organizations and society's infrastructures will be needed for sure.
What kind of society can you imagine?

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光は連続した値の「色」を持ち、情報を運ぶ 光は空間を伝わる




(H. I.)