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Global Student Conference 2016

posted Dec 5, 2016, 8:32 PM by PARC Osaka University   [ updated Dec 5, 2016, 8:33 PM ]
I am Taeho Lee, the president of OSA Osaka University Student Chapter of this year. Osaka University Student Chapter annually hold an international student conference organized by students. For the past few years, we have invited many foreign students studying optics and photonics to give them many opportunities to create international networks among the students all over the world.

In this year, OSA/SPIE/JSAP Osaka University Student Chapter are honored to hold an international student meeting “Global Student Conference 2016” during November 28-29.  We invited around 50 students from China, India, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippine, and Hong Kong to create valuable students’ networks.  With a concept “How does optical science make our future life meaningful?” by means of group work, invited lecturers and so on. Progress in optical science has contributed greatly to the development of technologies on these days. To consider future life which can take advantage of optical science has been always one of the biggest interest for students in optics & photonics field. In such an environment, we thought it will surely be meaningful to exchange opinions regarding students' future life among students of various countries.

We had an opening remark from Prof. Prabhat Verma, who is a faculty advisor of Global Student Conference 2016. We also had three invited lecturers, Prof. Nicholas Smith from Immunology Frontier Research Center, Osaka University and Prof. Hiroshi Yoshikawa, from Nihon niversity and Prof. Takashige Omatsu from Chiba University .

We expect all attendees enjoyed their valuable networking and discussion time here at Osaka University, we wish experiences here gave them a lot of benefits for their future. We feel confident that Global Student Conference 2016 has provided students with both the tools and inspiration to make their future life meaningful using optical sciences that will contribute to advancements in technology to help people around the world.

Finally, I want to thank Prof. Nicholas Smith, Prof. Hiroshi Yoshikawa and Prof. Takashige Omatsu for giving us precious speeches and all the chapter staff and PARC staff for helping us to arrange this meeting. And I also would like to thank Prof. Verma for their warm supports and cooperation. We will continuously do our best for the success of this conference.

Taeho Lee
President of OSA Osaka University Student Chapter Coordinator of Global Student Conference 2016


本年度も機会に恵まれ、11/28(月)・11/29(火)フォトニクスセンターにて国際学生会議“Global Student Conference2016”を開催致しました。本会議は大阪大学OSA/SPIE/JSAP学生チャプターが共同で開催し、中国・インド・日本・台湾・韓国・フィリピン・香港から総勢50人を上回る学生が集う大規模な学生カンファレンスとなりました。

本年度は「光学技術は私たちの未来をどのように豊かにするか」というコンセプトの元、大阪大学IFReCからNicholas Smith先生、日本大学から吉川浩先生、千葉大学から尾松孝茂先生を迎えての招待講演やグループワークなどを通じ、光学技術の我々の未来への活用について活発な議論を行いました。また、口頭及びポスターでの研究発表を行うことで互いの意見を交換し、本会議は非常に有意義なカンファレンスとなりました。


最後に、ご講演いただいたNicholas Smith先生・吉川浩先生・尾松孝茂先生、本会議のOpeningRemarkを賜りましたPrabhatVerma先生、本学生会議の準備をサポートして下さった大阪大学学生チャプターの皆さん及びPARC職員の方々に厚く御礼を申し上げます。

大阪大学 OSA 学生チャプター代表
Global Student Conference 2016会長
李 泰怙