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The 5th super light school / 第5回こども科学の教室 スーパー光塾

posted Feb 9, 2015, 10:25 PM by 田中千秋   [ updated Feb 10, 2015, 12:36 AM by 倉田早織 ]
Calculus, quantum mechanics and theory of relativity. We always face some difficult words and complicated mathematics when studying science. But I think the original aim of studying science was quite simple. When we see a new phenomenon, we just feel why the strange but interesting phenomenon happens and think if there are any rules. I think that’s the reason why ancient people started science. However, through our studying in junior high school to university with complicated theories and bothersome experiments, we no longer recall that kind of pure impressions, don’t we?

We held the 5th science school for kids called “the super light school” on Nov. 24th 2014.The pure impressions have come up in my mind when seeing the kid’s smiles and their looks of amazement. The super light school offers kids classes with experiments on light and provides interesting toys using nature of light. In this time, more than 300 children applied to attend for 50 seats. We have 40 staffs for the 50 kids and all the staffs are students and postdocs in Osaka university. We focused to let the kids know the fun and fundamental science of light 7 months before.
The 5th super light school provided 5 classes which could connect the nature of light to the kids' interests. (Website: ) 

Here I would like to introduce an example “enlarger ray gun with glass ball”. To project enlarged images or movies on a wall, we usually use a projector. And lens are usually used for projector to enlarge images. We prepared a hand-made kit which replaced the lens and the light source with a glass  ball and LED light, respectively. Kids contracted the kits by themselves and drew something on a plastic board which they wanted to enlarge. When illuminating the drawing of kids by the enlarger ray gun, the drawings were projected all over the wall. The kids were so excited and smiled with their enlarged drawings.
Hope the kids who attended to the super light school remember these experiences and the joy of science through our classes when they grow up.Thank you very much for joining our 5th super light school!!

Ryosuke OKETANI, Kawata Laboratory





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