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posted Feb 7, 2012, 12:17 AM by 内山友江   [ updated Feb 8, 2012, 4:53 PM by Satoshi Kawata ]
Message from P3 Jan 1, 2012

I am not a religious person, but often feel the power of the God.  It can be said as the power of Nature. In front of natural phenomena, we human beings and our power are totally negligible. When the quake happened, thick embankments and solid tough nuclear power stations stood the tsunami as much as possible, although it was not enough at all.  Whatever think concrete embankment, high deck, and secure power plant we build, it seems to me impossible to fully stop a tsunami by them.  We cannot and should not control the nature. What we can do is to harmonize civilization with nature, preserve nature, and develop the society without any conceit, The goal of the study of science is not to win the world record.  We do not study photonics for writing a paper or for becoming famous. We do not do the research for our university or for the country. It is not for the industry collaboration, not for the government or the funding agency.  We want to do the photonics research for the society. I said in the proposal review at the government that we would do the photonics research "for people and for the society."  We have made successful progress in our research thanks to the supports by PARC program, and now start for business start-ups and technology transfers to the public.  Through those activities,  we contribute to the society of Japan and the World to create a new industry, a new market, and new employment.  Your supports are the most appreciated.

Satoshi Kawata

Executive Director of Photonics Center, Osaka University


新年のご挨拶 Jan 1, 2012