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posted Mar 4, 2012, 3:46 PM by 内山友江   [ updated Mar 4, 2012, 4:15 PM ]
What are you discussing ?  Feb 7, 2012
These days we often find students gathering and discussing something in a common space of our center. They are preparing for the 3rd Kid’s Photonics School “Super HIKARI JUKU – Let’s be a doctor of LIGHT!” 
Kid’s Photonics School “Super HIKARI JUKU” is annually held for the 4th – 6th grade of the elementary school and we are having more than 10 times more applicants than we can accommodate. A group of 36 students volunteers to organize this event under the belief, “We can pass true pleasure of science to kids”. 
Science is not something difficult and painful but an exciting and thrilling thing that solves many wonders of our daily life. There should be something that can be told only by young professionals who know its appeal and devote days and nights to research. 
“How can we tell our little students without jargons we usually use?” “How can we pass our pleasure of doing science?” Until they see student’s smile on the June 3rd, their work goes on and on …
We will continue to contribute to public service together with them. (by Hashimoto)

* Notice for application of “Super HIKARI JUKU” will be announced in the early April.
今日の議題は? Feb 7, 2012
最近、学生が集まり、コモンスペースの片隅で話し合う姿をよく見かけます。第3回こども科学の教室「スーパー光塾 〜君も光博士になろう〜」の開催準備の光景です。
理科は決して難しい勉強ではなく、日常に溢れている不思議を解明していくドキドキワクワクする楽しいもの。研究生活を送っている彼らだからこそ伝えられる魅力があるはずです。普段、使っている難しい研究用語を封印し、小さな塾生の皆さんにどの様に説明すれば理解してもらえるか、どうすれば自分達が感じている自然科学=理科の楽しさを伝えられるだろう、このワクワク感を伝えたい… 6月3日「スーパー光塾」開催当日の塾生の皆さんの笑顔を楽しみに、彼らの試行錯誤は続きます。私共フォトニクスセンターも、社会貢献の一環として彼らと共に活動して参ります。(文責:橋本美砂子)