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See things from a wider perspective to think deeper/視野を広げて,深く考える

posted Jun 7, 2015, 10:10 PM by 音野多映   [ updated Jun 7, 2015, 10:11 PM ]
The rainy season will come soon. 5 months have passed since I came to Osaka. In this period, I attended various events and activities related to science, and had chances to communicate with others working in different fields. These days were very exciting for me because I could think about how my work makes a social contribution, and the relationship to other’s work in different fields. Working in new place makes me realize the importance of widening my perspectives throughout exposures to different values again.
Now I’m working on fluorescence microscope. Fluorescence microscopy is one of the optical microscope. In microscopy, fluorescent materials are used to label the region which you want to observe in specimens. Since only fluorescence materials emit light by irradiation with a particular wavelength of light, it is possible to observe the only region labeled by the fluorescent materials. 
The above technique is also used in daily life. For example, when you go out, you turn off all electrical products in a room. Although recently most products have LED light indicator to show if it is on, you might miss or forget to turn off some of those many products.  In such case, first turn off the room light, and you can easily find which is on and emitting light. In this example, LED light indicator is used instead of fluorescent materials. Of course you can apply such technique for other situations.
Needless to add, thinking deeply is important for researchers and engineers. However, I think it is also significant to pause to think through the relationship with others in sometimes, because I felt there were hints/clues to think various ways for social contribution or new findings through this period.

The picture was taken with my cell phone. If I widen my perspectives, I would find more interesting things around me.  I have to keep studying and thinking to get some ideas through my life.

Yasunori Nawa, Kawata laboratory
 このように書くと,顕微鏡の為の技術と思われるかもしれませんが,似たようなことは普段の生活でも使われます.例えば出かけるとき,電気製品の電源をきるかと思います.最近では,各製品にLEDがついており,その光で通電しているかどうか知らせてくれるものが多いですが,製品の数が増えてくると,うっかり見落とす事があるかもしれません.そんな時は部屋の電気をまず消します.すると,暗がりの中から消し忘れているものだけが光って教えてくれます. この場合,蛍光物質ではなく,LEDを利用していますが,これ以外にもたくさんの応用があるでしょう.

河田・藤田研究室 PhD. 名和 靖矩