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posted Jul 4, 2012, 7:49 PM by 内山友江   [ updated Aug 6, 2012, 2:37 AM by Group Yamaguchi ]

Intriguing CAN

There’s a can. There is a can, somehow I couldn’t stop keeping an eye on, in Photonics Center, Osaka, Japan.

In British English, a can is expressed as a tin, made of metals, shaped in a column. What in it is invisible, incomprehensive, unimaginable. It is written “Open-Hazard” on the side! It is intriguing as a Kyari-PamyuPamyu!

That should be a CAN encapsulates the trick of the light! The shattering phonic spatio-picture silhouetted with the plasmonic holography and thermal exchange bulb. It is possible in the Photonics cannery, Osaka University. Of course the bulb, a LED consumes the energy about 50% as the heat. The thermal bulb is the one that can exchange the heat to the visible light. The thermal exchange bulb theoretically puts though 100% energy conversion ratio. So, you can illuminate the inside of the can by just warming up. COOL!  And Plasmonic Holography is the technology, fastens the three dimensional color hologram weaved of the line of the light. Principally the light is reckless daredevil. It cannot be stuck inside the can. Only plasmonic holography is enable to beat down the light and can the light.  FANTASTIC!

When I was a kid, I have been brainwashed the fillings are stanniferous. Eating canned fruits…unbelievable. Parents kept us away from can openers.

Forbiddance made me more craving. “I want to eat”. Canned peach... is pretty yummy! Brevoort also. I ate canned brevoort as a nibblies with bear when I was a college student. The taste was more affluent when the can was cooked over the direct flame. The cans played an active role in saving the people by providing the survival food after the last earthquake. The can is great!

It seems there is otherworldly can in the world. Fish can swollen by the filling is fermented for long time. The odor floats over 5 km away. I heard the odder killed the nose of Doberman next door before.

The odor….It is impossible to broadcast. It can not be expressed by words, picture or voice. Thus, TV…out of the question. Perhaps in my best I could describe smells like a natto, otherwise it’s impossible to express smells I have never experienced. So when I was a graduate student, I mellowed the idea for TV broadcasting smells. The 5 kinds of the standard smell chmicals were stocked in on the frame of the smell TV, and the smell chemical is spread with a certain ratio, when the signal was sent from broadcast stations. Wished it could have been commercialized. I have strong candidates for 5 standard smell. How about the smell TV after 3D TV? You do not need funky glasses. You might call this TV, 4 sense TV. It is also nice to attach this function on iPhone. Address to the iphone Natto, then your iPhone smells like Natto.

Once again, about cans. You can pack anything you want in your can. What was shocked in a can for my life was the air. It was the HAWAIIAN air can from my uncle. He gave me as a souvenir when I was a small boy. The price was $3.59. Because I was bushman (I am still bushman, actually), it fascinated me very much….. What is the air in HAWAII?... What smell?... I asked anybody around me.  It contained the smell of the southern paradise sunny, or pinapple, …. or poopee of a whale...... Then, one fine day, “Pusse shoe”.. Period. Oh man! It was empty.

I was eaten up with ambition, though. At some future date, I will be rich by selling the space air can. I will invent the endurable can against atmosphere. The can should make a sound of Big Bang, and the air should smell like a supernova explosion. Aha! It will be also nice to hand the student as an anniversary gift. The holography of “GROLY” will be showing up when they will open the can. They have to buy whenever they open it like an vicarious amulet. I want to buy it because I dimly feel to be conquerable.

Now then, there is a intriguing Open-Hazard can in Photonics Cannery. What should be canned.
Yoshinori Yamaguchi, Associate Professor, PARC, Osaka University.

光の絵を閉じ込めた缶詰に違いない!熱交換電球で照らされたプラズモンフォログラフィー。フォトニクスセンターの技術であれは可能だ。電球はもとより、 LEDでさえ、消費電力の50%が熱だという。その熱の部分を光に変換できる電球が熱交換電球。暖めるだけで照明ができる。すごい。加えて、プラズモンフォログラフィー。光の線が織り成す立体画像を閉じ込めるテクノロジー。光はそれ自身、走り続けたい。つまり光の絵を閉じ込めるのはそのままではできない。このプラズモンフォログラフィーなら、缶詰に封入可能だ。すごい。




缶詰には何でも封入できる。衝撃を受けたのは『空気』。小学生のときにもらったハワイの空気の缶詰。値札が貼ってあって、3ドル59セント。僕は超田舎者なので、(福井の原発周辺)当時、めちゃくちゃ気になった。・・ハワイはどんなにおいがするのだろう・・近所のお兄さんに聞いてみたり・・南国の太陽のにおいだとか・・パイナップルのにおいだとか・・鯨のおならのにおいだとか・・ そして、ある日、『パスッ、シューっ』・・以上。中は空っぽ。缶も途中まで開けて放りだした。しかし、野望は残った。いずれ、宇宙の空気とか言って販売してやる。大気圧に負けない缶を開発して・・開けたときは『ポーッツ』とか音を立てるだろう。超新星爆発のにおいがするはず・・そうか!バイオテクノロジーを封入しよう。缶を開けたら『パスッ、シューっ、コロン、ベト』。・・卒業記念に渡すのもいい。「阪大フォトニクスセンターで学んだ自信」と側面に刻印して・・そして、あけたらフォログラフィーで「自信」・・・自信の缶詰は売れるとおもう。「自信」は実体のないものだが、もっているのと持ってないのとでは膨大な差が生じる。開けたらまた購入。身代わりお守りのように。僕もほしい。なんとはなしにいつでも勝てるような気になれるから。

文:山口佳則 (大阪大学フォトニクスセンター特任准教授)