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Photonics Center e-Learning

posted Apr 22, 2015, 4:50 PM by PARC Osaka University   [ updated Apr 26, 2015, 7:06 PM ]
Greetings! I am Chiaki Tanaka, manager of e-Learning at the Photonics Center.

The hustle and bustle of a new school year and the warm sunshine of spring are upon us. But in this season that brims with sunlight, how much do you really know about light in general?

Many people are interested in topics concerning living and health. Some believe morning sunshine is important for establishing their rhythm for the day, and women might be particularly concerned about skin damage from sunburn. Although we are so familiar with it, there are so many things that we, as non-technical people, do not know about light, which is essential for all living things.

Unlike the electron, which had its day in the 20th century, the photon by its nature can freely travel through the atmosphere, water, and living matter. The photon is said to be the key to core technologies of the 21st century in the fields of energy, environment, ICT, advanced manufacturing, safety and security.

Clearly, light has great potential. But when one who is not a researcher versed in the field tries to learn the fundamentals of light, imposing barriers spring up in the form of physics and chemistry equations, which can end up giving that individual cold feet.

I am pleased to announce that Photonics Center e-Learning now offers a more effective teaching program on the subject of light. Here I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the e-Learning program. We have opened the e-Learning program only for the members in Osaka University and the partner companies who have been trying to making invention together. 

Photonics Center e-Learning

At this time, Photonics Center e-Learning offers Photonics Courses covering photonics from its fundamentals to advanced technologies, socially beneficial Photonics Entrepreneurial Courses for innovation creation in the photonics industry, and openly available (no login required) courses, including Common Facility (Equipment) Operation Courses and general courses. Last fiscal year, we released five new Common Facility Operation courses, in which Photonics Center technicians provide an overview of and describe in detail the use of state-of-the-art photonics equipment.

e-Learning Common Facilities Operation Courses

Access to Photonics Center e-Learning is limited to Osaka University faculty and students and Photonics Center partners. Osaka University members may access the course content by logging in with their Osaka University Personal ID through the Campus Authentication Service. Members of partner organizations who are accessing the site for the first time will be issued an ID and password with which they will have access to the content.

The lectures, comprising slides that incorporate illustrations, are attractively designed to provide visual stimulation and to leave a vivid impression. Each video is also kept to about 20 minutes in length so that the viewer can maintain his/her attention and repeat the lecture as desired. PCs, smartphones, and tablet devices are all supported.

Access to Photonics Center e-Learning is a privilege reserved for Osaka University faculty and students and Photonics Center partners.

I am convinced that the courses, which start with fundamentals and extend to applications, will help you gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities of light. Please visit the site and see for yourself.


Chiaki Tanaka
e-Learning Manager
Photonics Center

こんにちは。フォトニクスセンター eラーニング担当 田中です。






【フォトニクスセンター e-ラーニング】

現在、フォトニクスセンター e-ラーニングでは、フォトニクスの基礎から最先端まで学べる「フォトニクス講座」、フォトニクスで産業イノベーションを生み出し、社会貢献を目指す「フォトニクス起業講座」、その他、ログインせずに見られる、共用装置利用講座、一般講座があります。昨年度は共用装置利用講座を新たに5本公開いたしました。フォトニクスセンターの技術職員が、光に関わる最新鋭の装置について、その概要から使い方まできめ細やかに紹介しています。

【e-ラーニング 共用装置利用講座】





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