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Hatsuyume: my first dream of the New Year/初夢 2015

posted Jan 4, 2015, 9:08 PM by 田中千秋   [ updated Jan 4, 2015, 10:08 PM ]
Hatsuyume: my first dream of the New Year  Jan. 1, 2015

Artist is my longed-for job. I had longing to be a painter or a photographer. It is only a fantastic story, though, as I had never learned painting at classes and art clubs. Even taking nice photos at all, I have bought lots of cameras so far. I have chosen the Applied Physics Department of Osaka University, because I knew that it is well-known in the study of "light". I was fascinated at the pure color of the laser in the laboratory experiment. After being assigned to a laboratory, I concentrated on development of photographs in a dark room, occasionally, all day long forgetting all about the time. When photos were emerging on printing papers under an enlarger, I was thrilled always by myself. Also I was fascinated by starry sky and micrographs. Dissertation was a study of image processing. The theme was to restore from a blurred photo a sharp image by means of applied mathematics. At that time, AFM, femtosecond laser and blue LED were not invented and fluorescent proteins were not discovered and there were no personal computers and CCDs. Only soldering iron, punch card and paper tape reader and photographic development in darkroom were available technologies. Still there was no air conditioning in the laboratory.

Time passed and it is now in 2015. Even now, I am fascinated by the world 1) of color and form light makes. Developing microscopes to see much smaller things than I could see when I was a student, we are keen to see,   read and manipulate nano world by utilizing photon. Such an idea could be out of date, but Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the year 2014 was awarded to super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. My research is not related with observing stained fluorescent molecules, but is super-resolution microscopy to image the Raman scattered light from molecules constituting the substance using a metal needle with nano-scale apex. I dream to see natural and artificial world as they were with nano-scale resolution. This year, 2015, is 200 years after the Fresnel‘s wave theory of light and 150 years after the Maxwell’s electromagnetic wave theory of light and thus it is to celebrate as "international year of light" all over the world. It is privilege of Osaka University Photonics Center to participate these events and to support as a sponsor, only one from Japanese universities so far. My dream may not be bad as I think. What is your Hatsuyume? Is it likely to come true?

Satoshi Kawata

Executive Director of Photonics Center, Osaka University

初夢 Jan. 1, 2015



1)河田 聡 「三四郎が見た光と色の科学」 Oplus E:2009年1月号