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Harvesting Three years

posted Dec 26, 2013, 4:22 PM by PARC Osaka University   [ updated Dec 26, 2013, 11:30 PM ]
Seven years have passed since the PARC Project began; I and everyone else involved are seven years older. Children who were in elementary school when the project was launched now visit the P3 Building as Osaka University students. I am filled with gratitude towards everyone who has supported the project over these past seven years: partner companies, Osaka University researchers, and project staff. I recall the difficulties I caused everyone when I said that I would not take the position of executive director despite proposing the PARC Project after reflecting on the failure of the previous Osaka Frontier Research Organization.

At the time of the project's establishment, we set up an office sign at the entrance to the Kawata research laboratory, and so the project was like a laboratory program. Subsequently, we were able to borrow rooms in the Applied Physics Research Building (P2) and bring together many colleagues. The Photonics Center Building (P3) was then constructed, providing us with a many experiment facilities as well as seminar rooms and clean rooms, etc. 

The next three years will be a time for harvesting the fruits of our efforts. My paper on plasmon sensors was presented to the Japan Society of Applied Physics in 1986 (the English language version was published in 1988), and a patent obtained for the near-field scanning optical microscope using a metallic probe tip in 1992 (English language paper was published in 1994). Some 25 years have passed since then, and nowadays people in the fields of physics, chemistry, and biotechnology who are not specialists in this area are now familiar with the term "plasmon". I intend for the next three years to be years in which we harvest the fruits of our plasmon research efforts and contribute these to society, and then to seek further development of these results. This new year we will again aim to radically generate innovation, and so I ask for your continuing support of our activities.

December, 27th, 2013
Satoshi Kawata, Executive Director, Photonics Center



フォトニクスセンター長 河田 聡