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光の面白さを子ども達へ ~第4回スーパー光塾~/Let's have a fun of light ! -4th Kid's Photonics School “Super HIKARI JUKU”-

posted Oct 16, 2013, 4:54 PM by 内山友江   [ updated Oct 24, 2013, 9:58 PM by PARC Osaka University ]

Hello, I am Takayuki Umakoshi, chair of 4th Photonics Kid’s school. I know this might seem like a sudden and rather strange question, but do you know why you can see seven colors in a rainbow? When I find a rainbow in the sky after the rain stops, I cannot help watching the beautiful scene for a while. What makes the colorful rainbow can be found in the mysterious nature of light.

 “Why is the rainbow colorful?” I would like you elementary school kids to wonder about such natural things, and be interested when you notice that light plays an important part in them. That is why I made “how mysterious things can be seen” a theme for the Photonics Kid’s school. Of course, we are going to hold many exciting light experiments, not just about rainbows. These include PIKAPIKA: doodling with light (making twinkling paintings by a penlight on photos), black light and the secret code (finding hidden words by shining a black light) and more. You will wonder “how can light make such interesting things happen?” and get really excited. I am sure that you kids have already had various amazing experiences about the curious phenomena of light. I will be delighted if you gain interest and knowledge about light through this school!

 All our staff are doing the best for you elementary school students to enjoy and become interested in light. Please apply for the school by 31st October 2013, and become a Doctor of Light! 

You can find more details on our website, here:

4th Photonics Kid's school -Super "HIKARI JUKU"-Student President Takayuki Umakoshi





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