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Do you know the page of “Photonics Center e-learning”?/フォトニクスセンター e-ラーニングについて

posted May 6, 2014, 6:35 PM by 田中千秋   [ updated May 6, 2014, 6:58 PM ]
Hello, this is an information from the person in charge of "Photonics Center e-learning".
One month has already passed from a new school term and it feels like summer is on its way.
Today, I woud like to introduce “e-learning”on the Photonics Center web site.

● Photonics Center e-learning

There are several courses in Photonics Center e-learning.One is "Photonics Course" which you can learn about the Photonics from the basics to the cutting edge, the other is "Photonics Entrepreneurship Course" which is recommended for those who would like to be entrepreneurs. There is also a course you can take a look without registration.
Osaka University faculties, students, staffs and people who belong to Photonics Center member companies can access "Photonics Center e-learning" on the Web.If you belong to Osaka University, personal ID can be used through the Campus Authentication Service to access and watch the Photonics Center e-learning videos.If you belong to Photonics Center member companies, you can access the site with ID and password which will be issued after the submission of application initially.

Attractive scenarios for learners, experienced faculty teaching staff, and exhaustive information that merit repeated study-all of these factors  serve to simulate learners' desire to "look again and delve further."

Learners may access the course online at any time of the day. Since the videos are segmented into less than 20 minute sections, learners will not grow tired of repeated studying. And PC(Windows/Macintosh), Smartphones, Tablet PC(iOS/Android) are all available.

They are not only the Professional Photonics Courses but also the Entrepreneurship Courses and some other courses which would rather surprises you since there is the variety of courses. It is a benefit of only people who belong to Osaka University and Photonics Center member companies.

Please try to access it! We are looking forward to your visit!

May 7th, 2014 Chiaki Tanaka, Photonics Center e-learning
こんにちは。フォトニクスセンター eラーニング担当です。

●フォトニクスセンター eラーニング

フォトニクスセンター eラーニングは、フォトニクスの基礎から最先端まで学べる「フォトニクス講座」、そしてビジネスを考えている方におすすめの「フォトニクス起業講座」を公開しています。その他、ログインせずに見られる一般公開講座もあります。

フォトニクスセンター eラーニングは、大阪大学関係者の方とフォトニクスセンターのパートナー企業の方に開講しております。





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