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3つの深い教訓/Three Profound Lessons

posted Jan 27, 2014, 3:52 PM by PARC Osaka University   [ updated Jan 27, 2014, 3:53 PM ]
On August 8th, 2013, I began my six-month sabbatical leave research in Photonics Center, Osaka University. In addition to my research study in the field of tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, I have learned three profound lessons.

First, my visiting experience to Photonics Center was that one could immediately understand why the research programs here are world class. As I went to several laboratories and saw advanced experimental techniques on biomedical and plasmonic images as well as nanophotonics, there were either postdoctoral fellows or Ph.D. students from all corners of the world giving me clear answers to many of my naive questions. I was truly impressed that Photonics Center promotes the research projects with initiative, innovative, and intellectual characters.   

Second, I participated in a number of research and educational activities, for example, UV-DUV Plasmonics and Nanophotonics Workshop, Photonics Center e-learning, and 4th Photonics Kid’s school. These activities were spiritually led by Prof. Kawata and actively developed with students, faculty, and staff members in Photonics Center. The mission of these activities is to attract and nurture young talent covering from graduate students to elementary school students. Such strategy is a perfect fit with what Confucius said: teach in line with the student’s ability.

Third, thinking further about the key elements embedded in Photonics Center, the first one is diversity and the second one is continuity. The diversity is a nature outcome of globalization and action in Photonics Center. This creates value by opening minds and thoughts. The continuity is linked with patience. Results of excellent research need long-time efforts supported by Photonics Center. Where there is a will, there is a way.  

I am very pleased that I acquire a bunch of harvest from my visit. Most importantly, many thanks for the warm hospitality I receive from everyone at Photonics Center.

Hsiang-Lin Liu, Professor of Physics, NTNU, Taiwan


第二に、私は数多くの研究や教育活動、例えば、UV- DUVプラズモニクス ナノフォトニクス ワークショップ、フォトニクスセンターeラーニング、そして第4回こども科学の教室スーパー光塾に参加しました。これらの活動は河田教授に率いられ、フォトニクスセンターの学生、教員、スタッフにより積極的に開発されました。これらの活動の使命は、大学院生から小学生に及ぶ若い才能を引き付け、育成することです。生徒の能力に沿ったものを教える:このような戦略は、孔子の教えとぴったり一致します。



国立台湾師範大学 劉 祥麟 物理学 教授