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posted Feb 25, 2014, 8:54 PM by parc osaka   [ updated Feb 25, 2014, 9:35 PM ]

I have always been wondering why the society in Japan is so harmonious. People are so kind and willing to serve the society well.

 One of many aspects I notice is braille writing that is named after its inventor Louis Braille. It is almost everywhere in Japan. You can easily find it on stair armrest, sidewalk, pedestrian crossing button and so on. Even it is imprinted on a beer can, which leaped to my eyes recently. I am amazed and moved by the great care behind the seemingly "trivial dots”. It reflects the common sense of care here. This care is circulated among the most people into every corner in the cities. In fact, it is not only the braille, but also the way of mutual humility and respect, help people to establish understanding with each other. People who live in such a caring environment must feel equal and happy. It touches me as well and makes me love this society.

 Everyday in Photonics Center, I see the braille on the stair armrests and feel everyone and everything being harmony. Photonics Center is a harmonious small society, like photons with energy into resonance. I love being working here and act as one of the photons resonant with the others to help Photonics Center irradiate its big energy.

 February 26, 2014 Jun Yu, Photonics Center


私がひとつ気づいた点は、発明者であるルイ ブライユが名前の由来になっているBraille(点字)です。階段の手すりや歩道、横断歩道側のボタンなど、ほとんどどこにでもあります。ビールの缶にさえも印字されていることに気づき、最近驚きました。また、この一見すると“小さな点”に十分な配慮をしていることに心動かされました。この心配りはこの日本での共通感覚を現しており、人々の至るところに流れています。実は、点字だけではなく、謙虚さや相手を敬う気持ちが相互理解を構築する手助けになっています。このような相手を思いやる環境で暮らす人々は穏やかで幸せに違いありません。このことは私の心に響き、そしてこの社会が好きになりました。



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