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We held the 6th Kid's Photonics School Super HIKARIJUKU on 23rd November.

posted Nov 24, 2015, 5:13 PM by 倉田早織
We had 40 participants of 4th grader to 6th grader pupils and gave lectures about light. Also we had the honor to invite Suita city mayor, Mr. Keiji Gotoh and Toyonaka Educational Center president, Mr. Shoji Tanaka.
Additive color with cup of red light, green light and blue light. Spectroscope which can disperse light. Big light with marble, PIKAPIKA photo that participants enjoyed painting on the picture with penlights. Treasure hunting game with black light. Pupils really seemed to have fun with every lecture. 
We are deeply appreciative of all participants and their parents, two of guests and every cooperator.