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The 9th PARC Symposium Tokyo was held on January 26

posted Jan 29, 2017, 6:04 PM by PARC Osaka University   [ updated Jan 30, 2017, 9:44 PM ]

On January 26, 2017 the 9th Photonics Symposium “Photonics and Innovation” was held by Osaka University Photonics Center at Otemachi Sankei Plaza in Tokyo.

President of Osaka University, Shojiro Nishio, gave the opening talk about the university’s photonics research strategy, followed by the greeting speech of Masato Masaki from Science and Technology Policy Bureau, MEXT. 

Prof. Masuo Aizawa, Program Director of JST, talked about innovation in science technology, and Prof. Satoshi Kawata of Osaka University and the former Executive Director of the Photonics Center, talked about the photonics from an academic point of view.

Prof. Din Ping Tsai from Academia Sinica, National Taiwan University, gave a lecture on “Plasmonic Metasurface for Optical Applications in Demand”, and Prof. Gerd Leuchs from Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in Erlangen, Germany, gave a lecture with the title of “The Science of Light?? from Nano Photonics to Information Science".


In the afternoon some of the Photonics Center’s achievements were introduced. Prof. Yasushi Inouye, Executive Director of the Photonics Center, gave the Center’s overview.  Mr. Kei Shinada, researcher of our partner, Shimazu Corporation, talked about how they succeeded in commercialization through collaboration researches.  Prof. Yusuke Mori and Prof. Junichi Takahara talked about their achievements in entrepreneurial/product developments.

Then there was a panel discussion on the strategies for photonics innovation.


At the poster sessions presented by the 21 PARC laboratories, researchers and participants of the symposium had informative discussions.


We, as the organizer, would like to pay our sincere gratitude to those who supported and attended the symposium.