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The 31st Photonics Colloquium was held

posted Feb 5, 2013, 8:11 PM by 内山友江

As guest speaker, we were honored to have Mr. Takahiro Ikeda, CEO of the monozukuri venture business, Pi Photonics, Inc. 

He gave a lecture titled ‘The journey from research to product—creation of optoelectronics industry through practising entrepreneurship.’

Based on his own experiences, Mr. Ikeda gave a graphic account of the financial difficulties and emotional turmoil he had, as well as the results of his own self-analysis of the situation.

 Many participants commented that his lecture was extremely helpful to them.

During the group discussion held in the latter half, Mr. Ikeda’s unreserved manner facilitated a friendly exchange of views, more than is usually seen.

Our sincere thanks to those who participated