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Photonics Day 2013 was held

posted Oct 3, 2013, 1:11 AM by 内山友江   [ updated Oct 3, 2013, 1:12 AM ]
On the afternoon of October 1, 2013 (Monday), “Photonics Day 2013” was held at the Photonics Center, Osaka University. For this year’s event, a lecture entitled “What Can Be Achieved by Utilizing the Photonics Center, Osaka University?”
 was presented, following which various displays and observational meetings were held on the theme of “What Can Be Achieved by Utilizing the Photonics Center, Osaka University Seeds?” 
More than 100 applications were received for the 80 places available, and we are extremely gratified that there is such interest in the Photonics Center.
 There was such a strong turnout on the day that some attendees had to stand, and everyone was taking notes and listening very intently to the lecture.
 We apologize for the lecture venue being a little cramped; this was due to our desire for as many people as possible to attend.
We conducted a survey concerning this event, and the responses indicated that there were many people who developed a new interest in photonics,
 as well as many who had been inspired by the cutting-edge research and facilities.
At this year’s Photonics Day, we were able to talk with representatives of many companies, and there was much that we, too, 
were able to learn. Taking this opportunity, we also intend to make efforts to enable the further acceleration of innovation.
We hope that, together with you all, we will be able to create “something new”.
Thank you very much to everyone who attended.