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New Course just released ~ PARC e-Learning

posted Dec 17, 2013, 10:57 PM by PARC Osaka University
We are proud to announce our latest update of e-Learning Photonics Course "Communication to foster the dreams of children ~ From infancy through schoolage children ~ ~ Important elements to be conveyed at the time of adolescence ~". 

Counselor in Charge of "Mental Consultation Service" KAZUMASA NEGISHI [Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University]

What kind of dream did you have as a child? 
To think about what you want to be in the future is the basics of self-realization and the starting line to become an independent adult in the social life.
Dreams of children are affected by the communication with their parents and surroundings and fostered the trusted relationship between them.
I will introduce the importance of communication with regard to acceptance and empathy to children.
Also you can find how to build a trust relationship and the knowledge which are essential for young people to make their dreams come true.