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Asia Core Student Meeting and IONS Asia 5 was held in Hokkaido

posted Sep 17, 2014, 7:16 PM by 酒井友美   [ updated Sep 17, 2014, 7:24 PM ]

‘Asia Core Students Meeting 2014’ was held at Photonics center, co-hosting with OSA student chapter of Osaka University, ACORE and Photonics Center on September 13th, and also “IONS Asia 5 Hokkaido” was held for 3 days from September 14th-16th at Hokkaido University co-organized by OSA Student chapters of Osaka University and Hokkaido University. It was collocated with “Asia Core Student Meeting 2014” and “JSAP Student Meeting”. In this conference, more than 70 students and young researchers attended from Armenia, Bangladesh, China, U.K, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine, USA and Japan. It became one of the largest International student conference in Asia in photonics field.

Variety of events and programs were planned by OSA students Chapter members who managed this conference mainly. For instance, a useful lecture such as importance of networking for science and engineering based students the perils of ‘Tunnel Vision’ by invited speaker, Professor Adarsh Sandhu, who is the deputy director of the Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute (EIIRIS) at Toyohashi University of Technology. This lecture has been broadcasted through Ustream. Also, we had another interesting talks from JSAP president of Prof. Satoshi Kawata and OSA president of Prof. Philip Howard Bucksbaum. Moreover, students participated the group workings and oral / poster presentation. They exchanged their ideas actively.

We hope that all participants had the opportunities to create their network beyond the national boundaries through this conference, and these experiences gives benefit to them not only in their research field but also in many scenes of their life and career in the future.