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19th May, The director-general of Kansai Bureau of METI, Mr. Kobayashi and the director of the division of Academia-Industry Cooperation and Promotion, METI, Mr. Sato visited Photonics Center: tour The Photonics-based Eco-Life Technology Development Center and discussion on our activities

posted May 20, 2014, 6:55 PM by 倉田早織   [ updated May 20, 2014, 7:23 PM by iwasaki@parc.osaka-u.ac.jp ]

The director of Kansai bureau of METI, Mr. Kobayashi, the director of Academia-Industry Cooperation & promotion division, METI, Mr. Sato, Mr. Kawakami, Mr. Hirata, Ms. Yoshitake from Kansai Bureau of METI, Ms. Sakumoto, Mr. Asanuma from METI, and Prof. Tokumasu visited Photonics Center and had a conversation with the representative of executive director of Photonics Center, Prof. Inoue et al. and engineers working at the collaborating companies at the Center.

They exchanged the opinions  aggressively about Innovation activities of The Photonics-based Eco-Life Technology Development Center and ulterior operation.

After the conversation, they visited the companies in the Center and common laboratories and inspected the activities of the Photonics Center.