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12/18(Tue) 19 (Wed): The selection meeting for Small Business Startup/ Commodification projects program for FY 2013 was held

posted Dec 26, 2012, 11:11 PM by iwasaki@parc.osaka-u.ac.jp   [ updated Jan 8, 2013, 9:29 PM by 内山友江 ]
Strict selection was performed on 12/18 (Tue) 1400-1730, and 19 (Wed) 1000-1600 by the selection committee that is constituted by Four external committee members including chairperson Eiichi Maruyama  (RIKEN Innovation Center  special adviser) and the photonics center program manager.

[The general remarks by the selection committee]

The applications for the Small business startup/ Commodification projects program for FY 2013 seem to be much advanced compared with last time; with stronger Entrepreneurial Mind and more concrete and in-depth proposals, some with high concern to business plans. If the route which connects the state-of-the-art technology of a university to society is clarified, it is expected that business startup/ commodification further expand.

Some proposals were based on researches that had been intended to apply real productions and the others were set up their stories prior to enter the contest. It is expected that most applicants would be the former type as in e. g. US. Some proposals will still become stronger by taking into consideration that who would be the clients/users. However, as stated above, it is highly evaluated that, by programs such as colloquium and photonics day at the photonics center, Entrepreneurial Mind is increasing the year later on.

For a small business startup/ Commodification from a university like the photonics center, it must avoid direct subcontract and profits contribution of a specific company and at the same time, one must handle properly maintenance/ protection and licensing of a patent from a university. We recommend institutionalizing appropriate rules which can cope with such problems by discussing with relevant ministries and agencies from now on.

As it is very meaningful that many faculties, researchers and students challenge Small business startup/ Commodification, even successful cases may be small, continuing such pilot-project contest further is desirable.