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44th Colloquium

-Date/Time  :  June 1st(Mon), 2015 / 18:00pm-20:00pm

-Venue  :  Rm213, Photonics Center(P3), Osaka University

-Speaker/Title  :
   Associate Prof. Nicholas Smith
            Immunology Frontier Research Center (iFReC), Osaka University
            "Labelling by light: photonic analysis of biological systems" (English)

   Prof. Yasufumi Fujiwara
            Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
            "Towards highly efficient wavelength-stable red light-emitting diode using Eu-doped GaN" (Japanese)

         Prof. Yoshihiro Kobayashi
            Department of Applied Physics, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
            "Synthesis of nanocarbon materials without metallic catalyst and their application to biosensor devices" (Japanese)

*This colloquium will be held only for Photonics Center member Laboratories and companies.