Seventh Photonics Center Symposium "Nanophotonics in Asia 2012"

The 7th Photonics Center Symposium will set the main focus in biomedical photonics and entrepreneurship.  As is well recognized, photons possess relatively low energy and can harmlessly interact with biological systems. This great feature of the photon has been utilized for investigation of basic problems in biology and medicine and even applied to medical diagnostics and treatments.
     In the symposium, we will organize sessions with invited speakers carrying out research in advanced photonic technologies related to optical microscopy for bioimaging and molecular analysis in nanometer scale.  Topics include the recent advancement in fluorescence probes especially new functions for biosensing and emission mechanisms.  We will also discuss applications of biophotonic technology to the medical field of tissue engineering and function recovery.
     Entrepreneurship is another topic which we find great importance in.  Photonics is expected to create innovation in industry and society due to its unlimited scientific and technological advancement as we have seen in the recent progress made in nanophotonics, plasmonics and biophotonics.  The industrialization of photonics by small and medium enterprises promoted by leading scientists/researchers would be indispensable for such innovation.

Date》 : September 18th(Tue)-19th(Wed), 2012

Venue : Kanazawa Excel Hotel Tokyu

            2-1-1 Korinbo, Kanazawa-shi Ishikawa, Japan 920-0961
            TEL:+81-76-231-2411 FAX:+81-76-263-0154
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